Katia Bachko

Hello! I am an editor for hire. Most recently, I was a contributing editor at The California Sunday Magazine. In the past, I've been a senior editor at Harper's Magazine, the executive editor of The Atavist Magazine, an editor at The Cut, a senior editor at First Look Media's Racket (RIP), and a fact checker at The New Yorker.

I have extensive experience working with longform, reported pieces and personal essays. Hire me to edit features for your publication or to help with your book. I've worked in magazines for twenty years and I can serve as a consultant for all sorts of editorial projects. Most of all, I love helping writers make their work the best it can be.

Currently, I'm taking on a very limited number of book-editing clients. Drop me a line to discuss rates and details.

Katia Bachko


katiabachko [at] gmail dot com